We present our range of gourmet products, Claramunt Delicatessen, which seeks to take advantage of the best of our extra virgin olive oil and its properties; to learn to taste it and to recognize it in other products; to identify their most optimal accompaniment and to continue to enjoy a unique EVOO.

At Claramunt Delicatessen you can find products made with our best extra virgin olive oil, transferring its identity and character to the delights of the best gourmet. But we also know how to value the excellent work of other crops, which help us to find the perfect pairing.

From our crop

We like to try, innovate, surprise. We like you to enjoy our EVOO, to discover the experience, to want more. That is why we want to give it more prominence, show other options and taste it in other contexts.

EVOO Jelly:: A delight for the senses. With arbequina base, which gives it a soft, sweet and fruity touch, and a thousand possibilities to combine. Ideal to accompany cheeses, pates, sauces, salads and desserts. Or simply to enjoy with bread, as the snacks of childhood. A product that brings you energy and that does honor to its provenance.

From others crops

Finding the perfect accompaniment is not easy, so we try and combine until we find the perfect balance, that point where our different varieties show their best version.

Claramunt Delicatessen Vinegar: A vinegar made from the best aging wines, method “criaderas y soleras”, with the variety Pedro Ximénez, under the veil of flower. From Bodegas Robles, a company from Cordoba that works with the same passion as Claramunt and with which we feel identified. The perfect pairing for our Extra Virgin Olive Oils, an ideal option to accompany salads and creams.