Claramunt Arbequina

Arbequina variety is native to Catalonia. Claramunt Arbequina incorporates typical aromas of the land where it is cultivated that make it have a unique personality and nuances that provide a differentiated character. Elegant, cheerful, movement, freshness, small beauty…

Its flavor is green, fresh, freshly cut grass, green fruit, sweet, sometimes green almond retro nasal and its sensation in the mouth goes from an intense sweetness to soft or spicy.

Tasting notes
Arbequina variety

This markedly fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the green olive. Its most characteristic notes are the sweet of the green apple, the green banana and the cookie; reminiscent of the traditional cream of fruit made with banana and cookie. Although you also notice something like candy when it comes into contact with the palate.

To the touch it is soft and velvety, with the spicy Andalusian Arbequina that is grown on the hills of Baeza.

The guru of our Arbequina
Reduces bad cholesterol levels

Low-density lipoproteins or LDL are known as ‘bad’ cholesterol and are responsible for transporting cholesterol to tissues for use, including arteries. Most blood cholesterol is LDL (c-LDL) cholesterol. The higher the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood, the greater the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Claramunt Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil reduces ‘bad’ cholesterol levels and promotes ‘good’ cholesterol increases.

Helps regulate your microbiome

The lack of fibre in the diet and the excess of products of animal origin is one of the great problems of people who follow a westernized diet. This can put at risk the proteolytic pathway of our body. This imbalance can have dangerous repercussions, ranging from the discomfort of constipation to life-threatening risks, such as colorectal cancer.
Our extra virgin olive oil Claramunt Arbequina helps combat this imbalance and prevent the appearance of digestive system complications.

Pairing with Claramunt Arbequina

In perfect harmony with fruits, salads, grilled vegetables, white cheeses, low-temperature candied potatoes to accompany or for potato tortilla. Marinated salmon, tuna, anchovies. Salmon tartare, tuna, sea bass, as well as tosses and ceviches. Ideal for mahonese, candied, biscuits and desserts.

Our olive oils Claramunt Arbequina

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