Claramunt Frantoio

The Frantoio variety is native to the region of Italian Tuscany and the good news is that it has taken a great root in our crops of the Loma de Baeza, which gives it some harsh overtones. This mixture produces a unique extra virgin olive oil. It is warm, dry and austere; ideal for those who feel passion for the taste of a good oil…

Strong and deep in the mouth, it does not leave indifferent, with its intense bitterness and spiciness that combine perfectly with the flavors of raw nuts. These flavors are long-range and permeate the memory of the autumn aroma.

Tasting notes
Frantoio Variety

On the nose there are records of banana peel and green apple; but, without a doubt, the undisputed protagonist is the bitter almond that defines and represents to a high degree the aroma of this oil.

Claramunt Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is characterized by its intense force in mouth. In its attributes, intense bitterness prevails over the spicy, a revolution of force that needs a harmonic pairing to make way and enhance the flavors of the food it accompanies. A real gentleman.

Other campaigns the bitter and spicy are presented with high intensity that makes it complex oil. If that complexity is balanced we will have a round, superb oil.

The guru of our Frantoio
Antibacterial properties

The effectiveness of extra virgin olive oil against the infectious agent Staphylococcus aureus has been demonstrated.
In addition, Claramunt Frantoio has all the nutritional qualities that make the product a source of essential fatty acids and beneficial for health. Among others, it helps regulate cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Pairing with Claramunt Fratoio

In cooking this variety yields its spicy or bitter in favor of the food it accompanies. It is very important their pairing to extract their full potential and improve the gastronomic experience.
This extra virgin olive oil is ideal for all kinds of creams, gazpachos, salmorejos, vichyssoise, carbonara sauces and mayonnaises. It combines deliciously with low temperature fried egg, to highlight all its scents. Claramunt Frantoio can replace butter in the sauces that need it and gives them more flavor and a soft touch on the palate. Another ideal combination of Frantoio is with chocolate, especially with peanuts that have 70% bitterness. Simply drizzle the chocolate with the Frantoio and let it rest at room temperature to promote fusion.