Claramunt Koroneiki

Elegant, calm, bright… this extra virgin olive oil is native to Greece and aware of its cultural weight in history. The young plantation of Claramunt is adapting to the lands of Baeza and is already the third year of early harvest of this variety that is characterized by being soft to the palate.


On the palate this oil is fruity, intense and accompanied by floral nuances. Its main olfactory notes cover a colorful range of shades: raw autumn walnut, jasmine and rose, including green banana peel. Its softness when coming into contact with the palate is broken an instant later by a spicy expression of freshness. Both sensations are combined in a light bitterness. The alliance between these three attributes marks the personality of this oil, which invites an afternoon in good company by the fire of the fireplace.

The guru of our Koroneiki
Helps regulate your microbiome

The lack of fibre in the diet and the excess of products of animal origin is one of the great problems of people who follow a westernized diet. This can put at risk the proteolytic pathway of our body. This imbalance can have dangerous repercussions, ranging from the discomfort of constipation to life-threatening risks, such as colorectal cancer.
Our extra virgin olive oil Claramunt Koroneiki helps combat this imbalance and prevent the appearance of digestive system complications.

Pairing with Claramunt Koroneiki

The cheese is an excellent companion for our Koroneiki: cured sheep, goat or roquefort cheese. Even all kinds of cream cheese. It is ideal for salads, marinated salmon, tuna or anchovies. Also, with tartare salmon, tuna, sea bass or tosses and ceviches.