Claramunt Koroneiki 500ml Case


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Harvest 2021/22

Originally from Greece, elegant, serene, luminous extra virgin olive oil, aware of the weight of its culture in history … Our young plantation is adapting to the lands of Baeza. It is the third year of early harvest for this variety.
Flavor: Spring, flowers, citrus.
Attribute: Compensated for its subtle bitterness and spiciness. Elegant

Tasting notes

Fruity olive oil with intense floral nuances. The main olfactory notes of this oil cover an immense range of tones, on one side are the raw autumnal walnut and on the other end the jasmine and the rose, passing through the green banana peel. The softness of its entry into the mouth is broken by the spiciness to express its freshness, both being coordinated by its light bitterness, the concord between these three attributes define the profile of this oil. The palate confirms the raw walnut and the banana but in its fruit version. Its perfume expresses fullness in every way; it suggests an afternoon in good company by the fireplace fire.

Weight 1 kg