You may think it’s just an olive oil
but then you will never know the experience


Ideal for creating a delicious and healthy habit

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced during the month of November to serve palates that like softer EVOOs in the mouth.


The olive oil of all kitchens

Of olives collected in December. It is OUR Extra Virgin Olive Oil for all kinds of culinary uses, and also yours. From the Jaén fields, the one that has grown with us in our grandparents’ kitchens.

Our OLIVE OIL, more than an EVOO
A healthy and sensory experience through our family of products
Take care of you, take care of your skin
Discover the benefits of EVOO
A way of life, a family tradition, a unique enclave,
Claramunt, more than just a product


Discover Baeza and the province of Jaén like you have never done before. Let us show you the care with which we manufacture our oil, the processes we follow, the ins and outs of our olive grove and try Claramunt oil in its very cradle.


Dishes made with each of our varieties



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