Claramunt Frantoio 100ml


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Harvest 2023/24

Frantoio variety is native to the region of Italian Tuscany, which has been deeply rooted in the land of Baeza, giving it some rough nuances that make it unique oil. Temperance, warmth, dry, austere, passion for taste … Temperance, warmth, dry, austere, passion for taste …

Flavor: Green Almond.
Attribute: Bitter

Tasting notes

Frantoio has an interesting nose with notes of bitter almond, banana and sweet apple, wrapped in herbaceous greens, a prelude to a fruity olive of high intensity.

Medium bitterness and intense and progressive spiciness blend naturally with the smoothness of the sweetness.

On the palate, raw nuts, acorns and chestnuts are its most outstanding note.

An incredible oil that will leave its mark on our senses.

Weight ,2 kg