Claramunt Koroneiki 250ml Can


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Harvest 2023/24

Originally from Greece, elegant, serene, luminous extra virgin olive oil, aware of the weight of its culture in history … Our young plantation is adapting to the lands of Baeza. It is the third year of early harvest for this variety.

Flavor: Spring, flowers, citrus
Attribute: Compensated for its subtle bitterness and spiciness. Elegant

Tasting notes

Our Koroneiki 2024 has a marked fruity green tone.

Its floral notes mark its destiny on the nose, accompanied by rich wild herbs and fruity aromas of white pulp.

It confirms on the palate the sensations perceived on the nose and closes with bitterness and spiciness very close but with a tendency for the latter to predominate.

The aftertaste is pronounced and progressive.

Weight ,5 kg