Cortijo de la Monja

The softness of an olive oil for every day

From the Claramunt family, we present our second brand of EVOO, Cortijo de la Monja, born to serve palates that prefer softer olive oils in the mouth.

Extracted from olives in medium-high veraison, from the month of November, which provides softer and more subtle aromas and flavours.

It preserves the best of the land where it is cultivated, Baeza, and transfers it to the mouth gently. We are talking about an ideal EVOO so that you don’t miss the habit of taking care of your health and your senses with a product made with care and affection.

In each of its six formats, Cortijo La Monja has enough personality to enjoy every day, and at any time, the best of the Jaen countryside with the experience and olive-growing tradition of the Claramunt family.