Noodles with cherry tomatoes

Noodles with cherry tomatoes

Claramunt Extra Virgin Olive Oil Picual is the most widespread variety of the land of Jaen and its scent forms the Andalusian orchard with the tomato as protagonist and protagonist in our Noodles with Cherry.

Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins
Ready-in 25 mins


250gr of Fresh Noodles
1 tray of cherry tomatoes
½ onion
½ Italian Peppers
Mint leaves
Parmesan cheese
Claramunt Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extra Virgin Variety Picual
½ teaspoon of Claramunt Delicatessen Vinegar.


  1. Wash and cut in half the tomatoes add them to a bowl
  2. In a saucepan we put water and when it starts to boil put salt and a jet of oil then we put the noodles to boil the time that marks in the package
  3. Cut into julienne the green pepper and the chives
  4. In a skillet put 4 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil Picual variety and sauté the peppers and chives, when they are golden put tomatoes and mint leaves and fry lightly a couple of minutes,
  5. Once cooked the Noodles drain them put them in a saucepan add them the frying pan and wrap everything.
  6. When serving we finish our dish with Parmesan flakes.
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